1. Marlies

    Hallo Fabian,
    tolle Fotos! Bitte mehr, wenn’s geht!
    Und gute Besserung :)

  2. dennis

    Hope the going gets lighter and smoother!

  3. Sebastian

    Some beautiful pictures.
    I’m baffled by the balance acts; I have a double sided kick stand myself (ESGE Pletscher) and tried the soccer watching trick: On grass the legs just sink in the ground under my weight. So I tried on asphalt, but of course I couldn’t stand on it. Heck, I couldn’t even balance it when I sat on it because the legs of the stand bent. Of course I’m heavier than the 25 kg it’s specified for, but not much heavier than the guy on the picture. It seems that stand is triangular, with the two ends connected, which will add a lot of stability, but it’s still unbelievable. As for the firewood transporter, I’m sure I couldn’t do that with half the stack on our good asphalt roads, let alone the kind of road you showed in your last blog entry.

  4. Sebastian

    A comment about adding comments to this blog:
    When I press an arrow key (for instance when I want to go back to insert a letter in a word I just typed) it always treats that as if I clicked on one of the orange arrows to the left and right and jumps to that page. (Maybe this is because you’re using this feature or something like it.) This makes adding comments more painful than it should be; is there a way to turn it off?