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Kigoma – Ruhengeri

On the further adventures of Tim traveling alone and how he would finally meet Fabian again: Leaving Kigoma was quite a hassle with lacks of communication, scammers, exortioners and most of all beginning symptoms of culture shock. One would think … Continue reading

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Eigentlich wollte ich gerade die Bilder und den Artikel von der Liemba ueberfahrt hochladen. Ein Virus auf dem Internet-Cafe-Rechner hat jedoch den USB-Stick befallen. Die Festplatten und unser verbleibender halber Laptop sind aber sicher und ich werde die Bilder bei … Continue reading

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Mpulungu – Kigoma

This article will be slightly different from the previous ones. Firstly because it has near to no cycling involved, secondly because there are (sadly) no pictures and thirdly because it doesn’t concern Fabian for the major part. The reason is … Continue reading